The installation of the Australian White Ensign at the HMAS Sydney II Memorial Geraldton

Today, after a brief two- man ceremony, Lieutenant Commander Spike Jones raised the White Ensign at the HMAS Sydney II Memorial in Geraldton where it becomes only the 2nd White Ensign Flag to fly permanently on land, in Australia. A singular honour indeed.

It was a great honour for Geraldton, and the HMAS Sydney (II) Memorial in particular, when Head of Navy, Vice Admiral Michael Noonan granted permission to the Warden of the Memorial, Don Rolston, to fly the Navy White Ensign Flag, permanently, at the HMAS Sydney (II) Memorial in Geraldton. Outside of Naval circles, it is probably not well known that apart from Navy Bases and special ceremonies, the White Ensign cannot be flown permanently on land, with one exception: on the salvaged Mast of HMAS Sydney (I) situated on Bradleys Head overlooking Sydney Harbour.


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