Memorial Symbolism

The Memorial to HMAS Sydney II is situated at Mount Scott, Geraldton, Western Australia. In it’s entirety it encompasses the designated site, which comprises the top of Mount Scott. The design incorporates the landscape plan already in place with some modifications. This allowed for extensive low planting of native shrubs, access pathways and a central circular area, which has been designated for the principal Memorial elements.

This central area contains several features, all with varying functions and symbolic elements. A path, curving upwards to what is in fact a plateau at the top of Mt. Scott.  This path becomes a ceremonial entrance ramp to the dedicated area, and is guarded by two old bollards, from the Port of Geraldton, which almost certainly were used by the Sydney, to tie up to, on her last visit to Geraldton in 1941.  This dedicated central area is comprised of a domed structure forming a Sanctuary, a vertical structure forming a Stele and a Wall forming a semi-circle, split in two, to allow access to the interior of the inner circle. This entry point into the dedicated area is flanked by flagpoles, set in real bronze ship’s propellors, echoing the Altar at the centre of the Dome of Souls. The path then follows the outside of the circle from which it extends to the Stele, on the right. Another branch turns towards a bronze figure of a woman looking out to sea, on the left.

It should be noted that while all elements of this design combine to form the entire Memorial, each can also stand alone in its own right.