We are a Team of Sculptors and Designers specializing in large scale public art projects based in Perth, Western Australia from where we work internationally. We met in art school, at age 17, and have been working together ever since, principally creating large-scale public sculptures around the World. Having spent most of our lives living ‘within’ nature, rather than cities, our creative responses are finely tuned to the elemental forces, driving the natural world around us. We are constantly evaluating our personal context, within the awesome processes visibly shaping our reality on a moment to moment basis. As a result, over the years, our work has gradually tended towards expressing certain universal qualities of human experience, through metaphor and form; essentially attempting to reveal elements of the underlying qualities of the human consciousness that binds, not only us as human beings, but the entire Cosmos together. Lofty notions, perhaps, but certainly the basis for our primary interest in creating spiritual markers and placing them, like sign posts, for those who follow down the river of time. We see nearly all our creative efforts as memorials of one kind or another, which we launch into history, like time capsules, hopefully carrying intelligible messages which will communicate something of what we, as a Culture thought, felt and acknowledged as being fundamentally important and therefore worthy of expending the necessary wealth and energy to create these objects and abandon them in time. Ultimately, nothing is real, until we make it so.

Our Studio

Our Studio is comprised of Joan Walsh-Smith, Charles Smith, and daughter Joanne Smith, with facility to expand quickly as projects demand. We are supported by a dedicated team of specialised technical professionals such as Civil engineers, hydraulic engineers, landscape architects, technicians and artisans proficient in all aspects of expertise required for our projects. We can assemble this highly motivated and experienced team capable of responding creatively to a design brief anywhere in the world, at short notice. Smith Sculptors produces works in a wide range of techniques and materials from the most ancient lost wax bronze casting to the latest computer controlled cutting technology. Our materials include:
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Steel
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Plastics and GRP
Depending on the projects requirements artworks of small and intermediate sizes are also produced. These range from 3 dimensional Portrait busts to limited editions in a wide range of materials.

From design to installation

We also arrange transport, insurance and the installation of our artworks on site. We are prepared to travel and meet with any potential client to discuss a projects and our capabilities. Essentially we are capable to taking any project, of whatever size, from design to installation.’

Smith Sculptors Website

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