Artists Design Concepts

To design a Memorial of National Significance, which commemorates the loss of HMAS Sydney II, the greatest single tragedy in Australian Naval History, and dedicated to the lost Crew and their families


  • To create a special space of contemplation and reflection within a memorial setting.
  • To develop the area to its full potential with regard to it’s function as a sacred site.
  • To create elements and features which will embody all the necessary symbolism and commemorative aspects for this Memorial to fulfil its function as a Memorial to the lost  645 crewmen of HMAS Sydney II and their families.
  • To express particularly the concept of loss and emptiness in relation to this tragedy where no survivors or bodies were recovered or the whereabouts of the ship identified in 1999.
  • To create a place suitable for ceremonial occasions, commemorative events, flag raising, wreath laying, in order to facilitate both public and private remembrance.
  • To create a design suited to the spectacular and unique site on Mt. Scott, Geraldton while allowing for the difficulties of the location with regard to its exposed nature and with particular regard for its ability to be viewed from the town and countryside around.
  • To allow this space to be utilised comfortably and with suitable access in relation to all age groups and physical abilities.
  • To function as an informative area with narrative elements which serve as educational instruments for the general public of all ethnic backgrounds, children and overseas visitors.
  • To incorporate symbolic as well as narrative features.
  • To include the names of all those who were lost on HMAS Sydney II on November 19th, 1941.