April 15th 1999

Diary Entry

” A fantastic reception for our presentation meeting in Patterson’s. Had so much to show it was a bit overwhelming – but successful as we tried to bring in many symbolic aspects into a co-ordinate whole – any part or element of which could be a Memorial in its own right. We half expected they wouldn’t like it all but they did – tears in eyes – the lot. And now to produce a detailed design development of all elements plus coating’s plus contracts – timelines etc…the Hard Process. In the meanwhile, we take the ‘ buzz ‘ away from this extremely positive meeting – and hope optimism will carry through. Of course, great responsibility, but as we develop, Memorial work seems to be ‘ so much our thing ‘ : so much better than tackling the awful art world and all its ‘ insincerities ‘ which has broken our hearts over the years. At least with this project and its kind, we deal with real people and real passions – who want to do something meaningful for their City and Country and those who died to make this wonderful Country FREE – something definitely to be part of. “

Joan Walsh-Smith