We are a Non for profit organisation, that is working hard to ensure that if our guests are able to travel to Geraldton and participate in the event, that we make it a memorable event and also affordable experience for you

We are meeting with a number of organisations to see if we can get the best deal for you. The information that you provide, will help us in securing the best deal possible. Please note, this is not a confirmation of any booking and no money will be swapping hands, it is only to get an estimation of people that are interested in travelling to Geraldton, and where you are travelling from.

We may be able to organise special rates with the below-mentioned companies/industries.Qantas
Eco Abrolhos Cruiser
Abrolhos Adventures
Kimberley Cruises

Memorabilia – Unique Polo Shirts for the Freedom of Entry

Marchers as well as Community Members
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Section 1: Personal Information

If your personal details are the same throughout the form, please write S1 (=Section 1) this same applies to your Sydney/Defence connection.
This information will not be given to third parties

Section 2: Travel

Are you travelling to Geraldton? We are working with a number of organisations to see whether there is a need for a small cruise ship and whether we can get discounted prices on flights from Qantas.The information that you provide to us, will be used in the negotiations with Qantas, please note that we will only state the numbers of people who have expressed an interest in flying/cruising and not your personal details.

Memorial Cruise:
You may have heard that we were exploring options of cruiser liners up to 600 passengers, we had guest speakers, entertainment and a memorable five day cruise, but the Covid-19 struck and now we have none of those cruiser liners operating. Due to the overwhelming positive response we had whilst exploring this possibility, we are still wanting to do this cruise. A number of smaller vessels are very keen to be involved, so this looks very promising.

There are a number of locations, such as Exmouth, Broome and Fremantle, where would you want to travel from to Geraldton. There are also options of 2, 3, 4 or 5 day cruises, what do you fancy?

Flying to Geraldton
We are working with Qantas to explore the opportunity of chartered Sydney Memorial Flights to Geraldton, or your cruise destination, such as Broome. Please let us know where you are coming from and who is sharing this journey with you.

Section 3: Program

Which events are you looking forward to attending? There are a number of organisations such as the City of Greater Geraldton and the Museum of Geraldton, working on events that will be part of the whole program. Some information is not available yet, but we will be updating the website regularly.

Attend the Rotary Club of Geraldton’s Welcome BBQ
Info from RCGEOI Freedom of Entry – Saturday 20 November 2021

The HMAS Sydney Association is requesting a Freedom of Entry from the City of Greater Geraldton. We are hoping to gain 645 defence crew (past and present), descendants, relatives each person representing one of the fallen Sailors. To be able to participate in this march, you will need to have an association to a HMAS Sydney Crew member or served on a Sydney Ship including RAAF No: 9 Squadron. This platoon will be named as “645 Sydney”

There is also a required dress standard to be worn in this march. A limited edition polo shirt and ball cap has been designed.. Please see the Commemoration Memorabilia tab for further information.

If we gain more that 645 there will be an additional platoon of marchers that will form up following the 645 marchers. In this platoon, the community polo shirt and ball cap can be worn.Please see the Commemoration Memorabilia tab for further information.

All profits from the memorabilia sold will go to the Geraldton Volunteer Guides Association. Please follow them on Facebook and when you are here, book a tour. For more information on this amazing group of people, please see the GVTGA tab

Memorial Concert Saturday 20 November 2021
Info from GI

A fitting Memorial Concert to conclude the Freedom of Entry March….

LINE UP – Info from Geof

Service at Sea – The Final Chapter at Champion Bay
Info from AB

To be side by side with a Navy ship whilst paying respect to the 645 fallen souls, will be a memory that will never fade. Costs for this cruise will be confirmed in due course. Please Note Priority will be given to families that have requested to Scatter family ashes that are Associated with Sydney II

If you are wishing to be part of this final chapter, If you have not completed it already, please provide the information at; Point 2.1 Travel

Wreath Laying:
There are a number of services, where you will be able to lay a wreath

  • Unknown Sailor
  • 80th Anniversary Memorial Service
  • Service at Sea, The Final Chapter
  • Tour with the Geraldton Volunteer Tour Guides Association


Please complete the EOI, if you wish to lay a wreath at the Service at Sea, The Final Chapter. If you are laying a wreath at the other services, that events team will be contacting you for the information.

Please be very careful when completing the wreath laying information. The name of the person laying the wreath and the name of the person who is being respected will be called out at the service.

You can also enter the rank and war, but this may not be read out at the service.

Information for florists can be found in Information

Section 4: Commemoration Memorabilia

Intro: The polo shirt captures xx

We are trying to keep costs as low as possible and any profits raised will be donated to The Geraldton Volunteer Tour Guides Association.

There are two packages available and both with the following sizes:

The polo shirts are available in the following sizes:

Male: Small to 3 xxl
4 xxl + (add $5)
Female: 8 – 22
23+ (add $5)

Package 1:
Sydney Sailors, RAAF No 9 Squadron, descendants and relatives can only be part of the 645 Sydney Platoon, for the Freedom of Entry March and to be part of the “645 Sydney Platoon” a unique and limited edition polo shirt and ball cap has been especially designed. There will be 645 polo shirts, each representing one of the fallen Sailors.

For all communities that have a connection to any defence force, this polo shirt can also be worn in the march.

Section 5 Volunteers:

Would you like to be involved behind the scenes too? We are looking for people to volunteer at the following events/area’s


  • Welcome BBQ
  • Freedom of Entry March
  • Memorial Concert
  • First Aiders
  • Marshalls
  • Gunnery Jacks

Please complete the Volunteer application form to be involved

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Section 6 Memorabilia:

Do you have any high res photos, stories, poetry, letters that you would like to share?

You can upload these on the website EOI form

If yes, please note the following conditions:

  • High resolution JPEG photos
  • Copies only, as unfortunately, they cannot be returned
  • Naming the file: NAME of Person, PC NAME

    **PC stands for Photo Credit or Consent. We would like to publicise these photos in the marketing and promotion of this event. Please do not send in any memories, if you do not wish for them to be published. We also like to acknowledge who has taken/written the photo. Thank you.