Design Development

The development for the design for the Memorial is discussed in detail with the information provided from the archives of Smith Sculptors in the form of documents and diary entries.

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Date Title Web Pages
January 31st 1999: First Meeting with Jim Patterson, President elect of Rotary Club of Geraldon & his wife Elaine at our Studios, Gidgegannup View Here
March 10th 1999: First Site Visit: Dedicated Memorial Site photo & Artists Impressions Click here
March 10th 1999: First Presentation: Smith Sculptors Presentation to Rotary Club of Geraldton about who they are. Click here
March 11th 1999: Commenced Designing Memorial: Smith Sculptors actually started Designing The Memorial on their drive back to Perth! Click Here
March 14th 1999: Letter to Pattersons Inspiring Site Visit by Smith Sculptors to Geraldton. Click here
March 16th 1999: Formal letter to Rotary Geraldton by Smith Sculptors re meeting. Click here
March 20th 1999: Rotary Club of Geraldton: Initial design suggestion Click Here
April 15th 1999: First Design Presentation By Smith Sculptors of The HMAS Sydney Memorial to Rotary Club of Geraldton Click here
April 15th 1999: Initial Design Concept: HMAS Sydney Memorial – Written Concept Click here
April 15th 1999: Initial Design Concept: HMAS Sydney Memorial – Graphic Concept Click here
May 4th 1999: Congratulations Letter to Smith Sculptors for their concepts from Chairman of HMAS Sydney Memorial Steering Committee. Click here