HMAS Sydney II Memorial Geraldton WA

This website is filled with information about the Memorial, how it started, who designed and built it, image galleries of the indivdual components that make up the Memorial including symbolism, original sketch designs,their constructed, installation on site and dedication services.

HMAS Sydney Memorial Geraldton Aerial photo by Graeme Gibbons

HMAS Sydney Memorial Geraldton Aerial photo by Graeme Gibbons


The project to build the HMAS Sydney II Memorial was initiated by the Rotary Club of Geraldton. The Rotary club started working on the project, through their HMAS Sydney Memorial Steering Committee on July 1, 1998. The club was joined in its quest by the City of Geraldton, the Shire of Greenough, the Batavia Coast Maritime Heritage Association and the Mid West Development Commission.

The Designers

The HMAS Sydney II Memorial was designed by Joan Walsh-Smith and Charles Smith of Smith Sculptors

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The patron

The then Governor of Western Australia, Lieutenant-General John Sanderson, A.C., was the patron of the Sydney Memorial project.


The Memorial was dedicated on the 18th November 2001 and the Eternal Flamewas lit on the 19th November 2001, 60 years to the day after the tragic loss.

Declared a National Memorial

On the 21st May 2009, The Australian Government announced that the HMAS Sydney II Memorial in Geraldton, Western Australia, had been recognised as a National Memorial

Memorial Components

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the dome of souls

The Dome of Souls

The Stele

The Stele

The Eternal Flame

The Eternal Flame

The Waiting Woman

The Waiting Woman

The Wall of Remembrance

The Wall of Remembrance

The Pool of Remembrance

The Pool of Remembrance


‘Sanctuary of The Deep’ – Interpretive Centre: A Total  Submersive Experience:

Final stage of development at the HMAS Sydney Memorial Geraldton


The Proposed ‘ Sanctuary of The Deep ‘ – Mt Scott Interpretive Centre ( Original Design Janurary 2002 – development: Oct 2011 by the designers of designers of the Memorial  )   would be built at the existing Memorial and is inspired by the images of the wreck of the HMAS Sydney II published by the Finding Sydney Foundation. The circular’ inner sanctuary’ will feature these images on glass  in a circular underground chamber of exactly the same diameter as the Dome of Souls and the Pool of Remembrance above.


….’ the experience of standing in that total glass-lined reflective space, including floor and ceiling, every surface shimmering silently with timeless images of the stricken Ship, bathed in a low, sombre blue-green glow, would impart an unforgettable experience to the visitor’.

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